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I love traveling, and in search of company I started this meetup group, which is a true inspiration behind my love for travel.
However, with time, this blog has come to be a personal blog instead of a group perspective – thus views expressed here are just from travels I have been part of.

Traveler & Explorer Girls Group –
A travel group for the bold and adventurous women, who are spirited and tingle at the thought of trotting across the world. Have you ever felt you can’t find the right company to check out that beautiful place you always wanted to? Or people around you are not as excited as you about it? Do you get a kick out of planning that trip when you are researching to make the best out of your journey? Do you feel that rush and dream about it all along when your perfect itinerary has just taken shape? Or you like to just get out thereĀ atĀ free-will without an itinerary…..

Only if you had some more around who share that passion.

You are one of us. Come and join us!

Note : For updates on upcoming trips, check out the Meetup link provided below

[ We do not represent a travel agency or company that will come up with an itinerary for you to pay us up for. We do not endorse or hire any external services to plan or execute our trips ]

So get your backpacks ready and throw that fear out the window, we’re going globe-trotting…

Traveler & Explorer Girl’s group

Bangalore, IN
84 Explorers

Disclaimer: This group is not run by any of those annoying travel companies, who plan lousy and expensive touristy trips to exotic locations – for some lazy women out there (N…

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  1. Venkatesh kedlaya says:

    i am ardent traveller around the world..have a private guest house of my own company in Agumbe..will be interested in hosting educated guests who wish to explore the splendour of the western ghats…during the period September thru February..company car to and from Bangalore can be arranged…local guides will take you trekking…some photos of property can be seen on these links..https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep_ElpZiMrw and https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/2028800. It is called Agumbe a Riverside paradise guest house. If interested What’s app me on 9845050332..

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