6 Months journey so far

I have not been able to update this blog for a while now, and that does not mean the Meetup group has gone dormant. We infact have been super busy planning away some amazing trips. I would say, it has been a very fruitful 6 months, very energetic and fun.

As a tribute to 6 months this group has completed, here is a ‘Report Card’ to see what The Traveler & Explorer Girls’ Group has been upto.

tnegg reportcard

We have gained more than anyone of us might have expected. A company to every place I dreamt of exploring, and friends who are as compassionate about things that matter. Friends you can now trust and be sure that nothing pulls down their travel plans. We all have a Whatsapp chat group right from the beginning, and its such a constant buzzer on your phone! really I mean atleast I would never mute it cause its for people who dream and breath about travel and travel only. It is amazing how I only imagined such people existed, and now I actually know some of them.

The monthly meetups happen on the first sunday, and venue is often picked up by any member. By the way, we are foodies too, most of us I’d say, so we make sure the venue is good food-coffee-chai place. The meetups have been shaping up just the way I hoped them to. I mean a bunch of girls – really crazy about going on a trip, come together, we put forward our thoughts, we consider factors like weather and days required, and before you know it – the plan is already shaping up. We continue the momentum by keeping in touch on Whatsapp. Most of our bookings and dates are finalised there.

Amongst the discussed trips on the meetups, we are now going to Chikmagalur on one of the weekends, and Bhutan is also finalised to happen in coming months, which a 10 day trip, planned from scratch by us. As usual, all plans were collectively achieved. Each of these trips consist of atleast 4-5 girls. A Badami-Bijapur-Aihole-Patakkadal historical trip was also on the cards on one of the long weekends, but it kind of fell-through due to some personal emergencies of few members. But not that it will not happen, we still have half a year left. A trek to Brahmagiri might also be on the cards post monsoon. We also wanted to check out scuba-diving nearby which one of the members suggested was completely worth it, being nearby – at Netrani Island, Murudeshwar. Apart from that we are almost sure about some more trips like that one to Himachal Pradesh in Feb,2015, we plan to cover Dalhousie, Kasol and the likes. Europe is on our minds ever since the 1st meet, and lets hope we all can have the required leaves from work and the money saved for that trip. Oh wait! I forgot about the trip to Kolkata in Nov,2014….it was kinda that just popped out of nowhere, as one of our crazy members had booked a ticket on a weird hunch for herself alone, ofcourse she asked us if we were interested..and turns some of us are always interested! always..

You can find details of what we did on our Chikmagalur trip in the coming posts. I will also be updating all the links to research and information referred by us for the same. I will keep posting about many other parallel research that we keep doing for our future trips – this has become like a full time job we do.

So as you can see, we are on our way to check the entire globe out (beginning from India ofcourse).


4 thoughts on “6 Months journey so far

  1. Vinuta says:

    Loss of adjectives to explain the feeling. Great, awesome, fantastic, eager. I wait for the meetup day with child-like exuberance, though I work for 6 days a week and by the time Saturday is around the corner I will be worn out, stressed out, sleep deprived to name few, but but even WILD HORSES are not going to stop me from attending the meet. Mark me what a positive energy it gives me, my head will be buzzing with constant ideas, dreams, locations, and drives me to excel at my work too because I need bucks to travel 🙂 I do not want a hole in my pocket.

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