How far are we from our travel dream

I had done this a year back though, but some of the information is still relevant for an average Middle-class Indian. For an Indian traveler it is not often easier to pack his bags and make the world his oyster, unless he or she has a job that supports their visiting different countries, or is an aristocrat for that matter. An average Indian needs to work really hard and really save to be able to achieve his perfect traveler’s dream.

As obvious, our most accessible destinations happen to be most of the south-east asian countries, and some middle-easternĀ ones. While the european countries turn out to be a farther from usĀ financially unlike the given its actual geographical proximity to us. Both America and South-Anerica, along with the southern-most hemisphere becomes practically a tough feat to access for an Indian, atleast with his/her personal savings.


Some exact numbers may not tally to the current scenario, but the fact remains, nothing has become cheaper for us. The prices have only increased, the gap has just widened more. We continue to struggle to save up enough to buy a home, someĀ other basicsĀ and may be ‘travel the world’.


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