A day’s outing to Avani betta

The weekend wasn’t planned to have any outings through the group, but one of the new members suggested us to go for some of the near by locations which are nothing-much-to-see-or-do kind of a places. Some blogs that we referred were –
1. http://www.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/travel/the-hanging-pillar-and-other-wonders-of-lepakshi/article2836929.ece
may be some more research was done for finding details on driving to this place.

But we were not interested in doing something hectic or hyped or even crowded, so we just chose to go a little hamlet of a place called Avani, situated in Kolar, hardly 100 kms drive from Bangalore. Some of us wanted to just get out for a day drive, and some of us were interested in doing a simple trek. Avani seemed to provide us both the options, so we went ahead.



Ofcourse we were following google maps to navigate our way to Avani, but you know..it hardly ever works out that well. We were on the highway for a while, and as we all got engrossed in chatter and some favorite tracks playing in the background, we all seemed to have lost track on the navigators (our phones). We cut path somewhere in Kolar to have some breakfast. After the breakfast, again we did the mistake of following the maps, instead of trusting the locals who directed us in a different way. So as you can see, we deviated a bit. And it didn’t bother us much, as we weren’t on a tight schedule either.


But as we had got off the highway for some reason, there was more scope to come across beautiful views around. On one of the little rock hills (some betta) we spent time posing around for pictures and breathing in morning breeze with no sun to hinder the experience.
Once we realised we had lost our way, and there was no sign of a highway or directions to Avani, we began asking any villager or vehicles we came across for directions to Avani.What was supposed to be just 100 kms and an hour of drive, turned into a 3 hour journey. Finally after almost 2 hours of meandering we reached our destination of Avani Betta. It has a small ancient Temple at the foot of the hill. We began to ascend immediately and discovered how huge the hill actually was, but the climb would be called as easy on the scale of difficulty. Unless you are really out of touch with physical fitness, this will be easy.

IMG_3510 copy


On the way up, there are little caves and couple of associated stories from both Ramayana & Mahabharata. But mostly Ramayana, where Sita slept, where she washed clothes, where she fed Luv and Kusha, where they got hot water from, for bathing and stuff. The temple on top is for Sita Mata, and apparently she was buried there. All stories about all such ancient landmarks seem to claim that our Gods had been there and there only. But you need not question the logic always, just enjoy the mythical stories and wonder in awe.
We also had some peculiarly weird encounters, targeted encounters (quite strategically so..) with creatures we fear. Navya in the morning happened to admit to her fear and disgust towards monkeys, and was chased by one at the temple on top – I mean he was really only and only interested in her for some reason. Swetha also at some point in morning expressed her fear of dogs, and one magically appeared to follow her out of no where to make her tremble for a couple of minutes. Me on the other hand who was almost felt confident about nothing to fear really – realised I hated those bright coloured chameleons to come anywhere near to – and voila!..one such chameleon shooed us off from the rock we relaxed on for an hour or so, by making really bold attack-like moves  ..on our way while descending..many of them jumped right in front of us. So in short, all of us had to face our lame-fears 😛 but we haven’t really got rid of them either. I still hate those creepy lizards! (respectively monkeys or dogs)



It was a light stroll way up the temple, and good weather to cherish. We spent considerable time relaxing and chatting at the top of hill. We snacked on few things we brought with us. On our way back, we made sure to ask for directions from locals than looking at our stupid phones. This time we landed on highway exactly in 10 mins, turns out the whole route is on highway and Avani is just a few kms of diversion from the highway, infact there is a proper cut for you to move out from the highway to come to Avani. You will find a Adigas and CCD while returning on the highway to refuel after entire morning of being lost (if you were 😉 ).



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