Refuse to make an Excuse

Recently on 22nd Jan 2015, my Meetup group completed a year. We have done a couple of amazing trips with the group. But since I have officially declared this blog to be a personal travelogue now, all stories you read may or may not be part of trips with group.
But then this post is all about my Meetup group.

The group is a colorful place. So many personalities, so many kinds of perspectives, travel means so differently for all of us.
About the places we covered last year, and what 2015 may hold for us is the map:
India map 2015

The group is a bouquet, ages ranging from 20 – 50 .. yes I’m going to give you instances of all kinds of excuses that people often make, but do not apply on any of the energetic members of our group.

Excuse 1: I’m too old now..
really? if you meet our -50+ year olds, I’m sure you will die of shame looking at there enthusiasm. Health issues aren’t a barrier for serious travel freaks .. some of them are fitter than some 20-30 year somethings.
Excuse 2: I have kids..(waiting for them to grow up)
They are mothers of toddlers, 3-9 year olds.. they even bring their kids to trips, and not once catching a bus or a auto is an issue for them, stay anywhere – they manage. And they are willing to go for any damn trip!
Excuse 3: I don’t have enough funds
None of us does! And backpacking is all about cheap travel. Now its not like you have to stay on shoe-string budget, reasonable means to travel using means and stay in places that never call for a huge budget. You just need to be willing to go out and do some research. Near by Bangalore (weekend outings) have costed us about 2-2.5 k per head. Our Bhutan trip was about 15-20 k per head.
Excuse 4: I don’t get leaves from work!
Really (again)?? You think we all happily get leaves for our expeditions? We all are just keen on checking out cool destinations and would go there making as many excuses as needed. It requires a bit of planning too – keep an eye on your calendar for the year.. what long weekends can be used and stuff like that.
Excuse 5: It is not safe for women on their own to travel
Now that kind of excuse I don’t even entertain, or care to talk to the woman saying it. It is all in your head lady!! Like what the hell. Plus its not like we are asking you to travel solo – that is what the group is for..a company. We understand if a girl is not too bold to venture out alone, you need someone to accompany you.. but not lead you. You don’t need to be lead, do you? If you do, this group isn’t the place for you.

Some people in this group are very very experienced about traveling, few are more experienced about foreign travel, but not so much in India. Few keep traveling constantly within India, and probably have covered every known destination here – but still want to go there again sometime. Some simply travel without planning or researching much about it, they continue to visit those places and come back without knowing much about it – thats how they enjoy it. Some like taking local transport for all the time they have, while some like to spend on taxis for a hassle free commute. Some have friends in every destination they know, and come in handy in giving first hand information about the place. Some don’t mind walking all day, some can’t take even 15 steps – but it won’t stop them nonetheless.

Hats off to this wonderful bunch of travel enthusiasts – you are an inspiration to all those women who are still sitting there either in their bedrooms or offices dreaming about coming out someday.


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